Valentine's Day at Home

Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home With A Romantic Dinner Date

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home With A Romantic Dinner Date

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it got me thinking about how I want to celebrate it this year. Even though my husband and I have been together for 17 years, we can count less than a handful of successful Valentine Days during this time. It got so bad at one point that we stopped celebrating altogether. But it is nice to have a celebration. Since we became parents, we haven’t had nearly as much time for each other.

But the tried and true dinner date is way too expensive on Valentine’s Day, not to mention not safe during a pandemic. So, how do we make Valentine’s Day special this year? We’ll have a dinner date at home. We had one back in college and it was one of the best Valentine’s Day celebrations we had. So, why not repeat the experience? Especially, since we’ve become expert dinner daters during 2020. All we need is to take the ambience up a notch, and we’ll be pretending that we’re having a romantic dinner in Paris (or insert any other dream destination).

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Valentine’s Day At Home Supplies

Setting The Table

A good dinner date needs a nicely set table, so I picked up a few items to make our table look romantic and inviting. I make sure the items are not super V-Day themed (although who can resist a few hearts?) so, I can reuse them later.

Table Cloth and Runner

Valentine's Day At Home Table Runner
Valentine's Day At Home Polka Dot Runner

Candles To Set A Valentine’s Day Mood

Valentine's Day Candles
Heart Candle Pillars for Valentine's Day
Pillar Candles for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Themed Napkins and Napkin Rings

Romantic Glassware

Valentine's Dinner Date Red Poppy Glassware
Watercolor Painted Valentine's Day Glassware
Hand Painted Rose Glasses for Valentine's Day

Activities To Make Your Valentine’s Day Date Fun

Now that we’ve set the table for a romantic dinner for 2, let’s talk about fun activities you can do together. Now, if you’re like us and doing your romantic dinner date after you put the kids to bed, you might not have much energy for anything. But in case you do, here are some fun activities you can do together.

Our Moments Couples is a game of thought provoking questions that helps you keep the spark alive. It’s great for all of us who’ve been together for a long time or who have lost touch with each other because we’re too busy caring for our kids. Reignite the fire with these questions.

Love Language Card Game is a game inspired by couples’ therapists to create a deeper bond between the partners. Have a drink, ask thought provoking and connecting questions, and see where it leads you.

Truth or Dare for Couples. A little more naughty than the conversation starters. It is Valentine’s Day after all.

Dare Duel – A Romantic Game for Couples. A game to bring some spark and spic into your relationship. Perfect for Valentine’s Day after a few glasses of wine.

Something Sweet To End The Date

I don’t know about you, but for me no Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate. I can skip all other dessert as long as I have some delicious chocolate to enjoy.

Part of Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home is Having Kids Around

While it would be absolutely glorious to not have our children present for any part of the date, it might not be possible. Given how late our children go to sleep, I would be absolutely hangry if I had to wait for my dinner. So, we are including our sons for the dinner portion of our date. And I want to make sure it feels special to them as well. So, I’m picking up some activities and books for them to feel a part of celebration.

Valentine's Day Game For Kids

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Game. Keep your youngsters guessing with this adorable Valentine’s themed treasure hunt.

Valentine’s Day Bingo. Super fun way to keep kids entertained at the dinner table.

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine is a wonderful Valentine’s story for youngsters that asks a question a lot of us have “Is anyone going to remember about me on Valentine’s Day?”

Pete The Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool. For all the kids to learn that they also have a lot of cool cats in their life that deserve their love on Valentine’s Day.

Staying in on Valentine’s Day is the Best

I’m really looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year. Yes, it won’t be at a fancy restaurant but I’m fine with that. Honestly, I’m more than fine with that. I can make a delicious and festive dinner, while my husband handles cocktail crafting. Who knew it could be so much fun staying in on Valentine’s Day?

How are you planning to celebrate?

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28 thoughts on “Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home With A Romantic Dinner Date”

      1. I love the idea of planning a Valentine’s date at home. We haven’t been able to get out just the 2 of us much since having kids, plus I’m due with baby #3 any day now! So this is perfect for us 🙂

        1. Thank you for your comment, Christine. And congrats on baby #3. Yes, with kids doing something nice at home is definitely easier. And being so close to your due date, you need to do what’s comfortable for you. Kick your legs up. 🙂

  1. Wonderful idea! I think this is what I am going to do for my hubby and I this Valentines Day. Thank you for the posting this! Going out is so expensive and you don’t get that connection you do when you are in the comfort of your home.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Candace. Yes, going our is expensive and you’re at the mercy of your environment. Home can be so much more chill and romantic.

  2. I plan on cooking my husband a nice at home meal, and my father in law is coming into town this weekend for Valentine’s Day as well. I’m going to ask my FIL if he and my daughter can go out and have a “date” for just the two of them so that my husband and I can have a nice date night to ourselves, without breaking the bank.

  3. I super love home dates! I love cooking for my husband and setting the table for him in a special way. Last Valentine’s, it was what we did. This year, though, we spent the day with his family who are visiting from Texas. So we just had a post date at a ramen place with me and him in one table, and the kids at the next haha!

  4. We had a stay-in Valentine’s Day this year too. Since we love going out for Mexican food, hubby went all out and made shrimp tacos, queso, and even homemade tortilla chips shaped like hearts… it was so much more special than going out for dinner. And we played bored games and made a ‘special cocktail of the night’ too! Great ideas. So fun 🙂

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