Toddler Play Free Online Conference 2021

Toddler Play Free Online Conference 2021

Hello and welcome! I am so excited to announce this year’s Toddler Play Conference 2021. If you have been a follower of the blog, then you may have seen me promote the conference last fall. And this time, I don’t just get the privilege to promote this amazing conference, but also be one of its speakers! I am so excited about that!

Who Is The Toddler Play Conference For?

Before we discuss what amazing things you will get to learn at this conference, let’s first address who this conference is created for. Well, it’s for you parents of toddlers (1-4 years old). It is a conference for every parent who is raising a toddler through this pandemic and feels burnt out and anxious. And for any parent who wants to learn new and engaging way to incorporate play into their daily lives to help strengthen their connection with their child.

At this conference you will learn the language of toddler play and know how to incorporate it into your daily interactions with your toddler. Just look at the line up below and see the wealth of knowledge that you will receive.

I, personally, watched the whole conference last year and was blown away by all the information. I learned about developmentally appropriate play and play materials, as well as how to keep a tidy and engaging playroom. In addition, I learned about how to engage my toddler in order to help develop his speech, improve gross and fine motor function, and do it all in a playful way.

So, if you feel like this pandemic has emptied your bag or tricks and left you empty handed, then this conference is for you. We will be able to help you come up with new and exciting ways to play with your child, while helping their development. And we’ll also help you build a more connected and warm relationship with your toddler, as well as, put the fun back in parenting!

Speaker Lineup For Toddler Play Conference

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What To Expect From The Toddler Play Conference

Now that you know that this conference is for you, let me share with you what you will receive at this FREE 5-Day event:

  • The conference will run from Thursday, April 22 through Monday, April 26
  • It is entirely online (sweatpants are welcome), and you have a full 24 hours to listen to each day’s interviews.
  • Each day will be packed with amazing speakers equipping you with practical tools for creating a home that invites play. 
  • We have a fun Facebook group which will be there to help put action to all you are learning, as well as get in on daily giveaways
  • You can attend the conference absolutely free, but you can choose to grab the VIP Ticket at any time. The VIP Ticket gives you instant (yep, like from today) access to every part of the conference, additional exclusive content from every speaker, a workbook, a coupon code bundle from our vendors worth 100’s of $’s as well as the ability to listen through your choice podcasting app

Let’s Talk VIP Ticket

Let me first just remind you that the conference is absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up. Then when April 22nd rolls around, you’ll have access to that day’s speakers. (You can look at the picture above to see the speaker line-up for the week). You will have 24 hours to watch that day’s speakers and then the next day will open up.

Now, I know that in theory it sounds like it’s not a problem to get through the day, and listen to all the lectures. But in reality, you are a parent of a toddler, and toddlers are very busy creatures. They are also not great at independent play (something you will learn how to encourage at the conference), so they won’t be readily giving you the time to watch. And I know, that you want to see it all, that’s where the VIP Ticket will be coming to the rescue.

If you purchase the VIP Ticket before the start of the conference, you will be able to access the conference the moment you pay! Yes, it’s that easy. You don’t have to wait until April 22nd to learn all about toddler play and development. You can go at your own pace, listen to it in podcast form, and receive the Conference Workbook, along with various vendor discounts. And you get all that for just $67!

Now, you can wait until the conference starts to purchase the VIP Ticket, but then the price will go up. So, don’t wait. Get your ticket today and be on the road to toddler parenting bliss.

Final Words About Toddler Play Conference 2021

Be the next to join over 2,500 parents that have already signed up for this conference. You will not regret it! I hope to see you there!

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