Subscription Box Gifts for Father's Day

Subscription Box Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching and I’m beginning to wrack my brain about gifts. You see, both my husband and my dad are hard to shop for. And I know I’m not alone. So many women are scratching their heads every year. And when you go and search for gifts, they’re all the same. The same graphic Ts year after year, engraved wallets or knives, cups with the same funny sayings. At this point, I’m pretty sure we have at least 1 gift from each of the categories.

So while searching on Amazon for the umpteenth time, I finally struck gold – Subscription Boxes.

Really, what could be better?! We’ve had a subscription box service before and it was so fun. My husband looked forward to it every month, and it came with things that we couldn’t find anywhere else. He loved it. And the best part, the subscription boxes are a no commitment gift. You can test them out for 1, 3 or 12 months. When you get bored with them, just cancel and enjoy all the fun stuff you already got.

So here are the boxes I’m considering for the dads in my life.

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Subscription Boxes For the Food and Snack Loving Dad

We all love to eat. And what could be better for a busy dad in your life than a subscription to a box full of healthy ready to eat snacks or gourmet coffee. And who knows, maybe he’ll share some of this deliciousness with you.

Father’s Day Gifts For the Dad Who Loves Comics

With Marvel coming out with so many new movies in the recent years, the interest and popularity of comics has grown exponentially. So if the dad in your life loves Marvel, there are fun collectible boxes for him.

Father’s Day Gifts For the Dad Who Wants to Spice Up His Style

Let’s be honest. Men’s fashion can be a bit boring. And a lot of guys are very conservative when it comes to adding color or funk to their wardrobe. But there is a fun way to get the dad in your life to dip their toes into some fun fashion (literally). Subscription sock boxes. My husband used to subscribe to a sock box and is now a proud owner of some very colorful socks. He always gets compliments on them from everyone.

Father’s Day Gifts For the Dad with a Beard

Beards are all the rage for men right now. And in order to keep it looking nice and groomed, some quality products are required. So here are some great boxes for the dad who’s sporting a beard. I’m not sure who’s going to love this gift more, you or your hubby.

Subscription Boxes For the Dad Who Loves Doing Projects with his kids

Since these boxes are for Father’s Day, after all, I think having a box with a project for dad and child would make a great gift. It gets them bonding time, takes the guess work out of what to do, and maybe even allows the dad to explore a new hobby. Overall, a win win for everyone.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! We love you!

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Subscription Box Gifts for Father's Day

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