Busy Book For Toddlers Activity

Printable Activities For Toddlers – How To Keep Them Busy

Printable Activities For Toddlers To Keep Them Busy

If you have toddlers in the house, you know how busy and nonstop they can be. From the moment they get up in the morning, till the moment their heads hit the pillow, it is go-go-go time. Our toddlers want us to play with them, include them in our daily chores, show us every little thing they find interesting. It can be exhausting. Not to mention that we want to keep our little ones engaged in activities that help their development, along with providing entertainment. And that’s where Printable Activities for Toddlers come in. They are a great and inexpensive way to keep our busy toddlers occupied and learning.

And knowing that, I was thrilled to become an affiliate for Easy Activities For Kids, a website created by Viktoria, a crafty mother of two, that specializes in creating fun, easy, and engaging activities for kids.

As part of being an affiliate, I got the privilege to take these activities for a test drive. And since I have a young toddler and preschooler at home, I opted to test the Busy Book For Toddlers. And it didn’t disappoint.

We kept ourselves occupied with this activity for the better part of last week and still have more activities to keep us busy this week.

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How We Went About The Busy Toddler Printable Activity

After I downloaded the Toddler Busy Book, I printed it out on our color printer. There are 40 pages in the book, so make sure you have enough paper.

Toddler Busy Book Bundle Printable Activity

After we printed out the activities, my eldest filled out the All About Me page (with some help).

Printable Activities for Toddlers Cover Page

We then proceeded to laminate all the other pages. While laminating is optional, it does increase the durability of the activity book. So far, it’s proven to be a good decision.

Laminating Printable Activities for Toddlers

After laminating all the pages, I proceeded to cut out the items on the pages labeled with scissors. Viktoria makes it easy for you to know which items need to be cut out by placing a simple scissor icon on the page. My only mistake was cutting things out while my sons sat next to me. Word of advice – Don’t Do It! Instead, do all the cutting while the kids are sleeping. Put some nice music on, pour yourself a beverage, and enjoy the quite and peaceful cutting time. Otherwise, you’ll be like me and hear constant whining about things not being cut out fast enough, and children fighting over whose turn it is to receive the newly cut out item.

Once we cut everything out it was time to work on the activities. While my 4 year old was too advanced for the activities, he still enjoyed doing all the matching and naming of shapes, animals, and foods. He was also a great teacher for our 2 year old. He showed him how to match different shapes and what each shape was called. So, it ended up being a great bonding activity for my sons.

Toddler Busy Book Printable Activity
Toddler Printable Activity Shape Matching

To make sure things were neatly put away, I put all the cut out items into resealable bags and stored the whole activity away in a shoe box. But you can punch holes in the sheets and store the activity in a binder instead. Whatever works best for you.

And while, I haven’t had the time to do it yet, the last step to make this super easy to use will be to get Velcro dots. It will make all the matching activities much easier to do, with less things sliding away and causing frustration.

My Honest Opinion On The Busy Book For Toddlers Printable Activity

I, personally, really enjoyed The Busy Book For Toddlers. I thought it was easy to assemble, bright, not messy, and had enough different activities to satisfy any toddler’s interest.

Both of my sons really enjoyed the food activity. It’s so simple, yet so fun. You have a lovely bowl and spoon, and lots of different food items to put on the plate. Since my sons love pretend food, this activity really grabbed their interest. My 4 year old made up stories about each food item, and my 2 year old worked hard on learning what everything was called. And then they chased each other around the house holding their favorite food. Overall – Giant Win!

Printable Food for Toddlers

So, if you’re looking for a cheap, educational, and entertaining activity for your toddler, the Busy Book For Toddlers is the activity you need.

Busy Book For Toddlers Printable Activity

Busy Book For Toddlers

Keep your sanity, while keeping your toddlers busy!

Recommended Extras For The Busy Book For Toddlers Printable Activity

As I mentioned before, there are some optional extra steps that we took to make sure our Busy Book would survive our sons’ rough play. And I’m sharing with you what we used to do it.

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