Tapping Into Motherhood

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Welcome to Tapping Into Motherhood – the podcast where we keep it real, relatable, and don’t shy away from the hard stuff. Motherhood can unlock a lot within us from childhood trauma to superpowers we didn’t know we had (did you ever consider being able to change a diaper in the middle of the night with your eyes closed a superpower?)

In each weekly episode, we will discover the common threads that unite us in our motherhood experiences, as well as unique obstacles that keep us stuck and repeating unhealthy patterns over and over. We will discuss EFT Tapping, self-compassion meditations, and other somatic tools to guide you on a journey to self-healing and empowerment.

So pop your ear buds in, find a comfy place to sit and let’s get real about the calamity that is motherhood and how we can tame it with some simple daily practices. The Tapping Into Motherhood community is here to support you and be with you every step of your motherhood journey.

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