Packages & Pricing

Packages and Pricing

Connection Call

FREE 30 Minute Connection Call

In this FREE 30 Minute Connection call you will get a chance to get to know me and what I’m about.

This is an opportunity for us to chat and see if we are a good fit. You will find out more about my programs and I will find out more about you, so that I know which of my offerings serve you best.

At the end of this call, you and I will have a good idea whether continuing to work together would be a benefit to both of us. You will walk away feeling confident that you know what I offer, how the sessions will run, and most importantly, what results you can expect.

Cost: FREE

Tiny Package – 1 Hour Learn To Tap Session

Come learn how to tap with me, so you can have healing at your fingertips.

This package is perfect for the mom who is questioning whether tapping can work for her or is scared of what a tapping session will look like. And it’s perfect for a mom who wants to be able to help herself regulate, get out of the shame and guilt spiral, and incorporate a self-care technique that packs a punch.

In this session, you will learn the basics of tapping, the tapping procedure, what to say during tapping, and how to identify what issues to tap on. You will also leave with a recap of what you learned in the session, so you can feel confident that you can replicate the process at home.

Cost: $75

Mini Package – 1 Month EFT Coaching

This is a great package for any mom who wants to begin her healing journey, but doesn’t feel like she can commit long term just yet.

In this 4, 60-minute session mini package, we will be able to identify and work on the issue(s) that is currently holding you back in motherhood and life.

We will spend the first session exploring the roots of the issue, getting to know each other, and figuring out the most important pieces to tap on. The other 3 sessions will be dedicated to deeper work on your issue(s) and its underlying cause.

In addition, you have unlimited access to me through e-mail and Facebook messenger throughout the time we are working together.

At the end of the package we will assess our progress and create a plan for you to continue tapping independently, so that you can reach even deeper levels of healing.

Cost: $260 (4 Session Package)

Full Package – 3 Months Motherhood Metamorphosis

This is a package meant for a mom who is ready to begin deep inner work required for true healing.

This signature package consists of 12 sessions. The initial intake session is 90 minutes. This allows us to go over your history, your goals for the future, and leaves enough time to go over what EFT is, and to tap on the most pressing issue at the time. The other 11 sessions are 60 minute weekly sessions.

Throughout our time together we will be utilizing many different tools to help you gain clarity around your wants and needs in motherhood and your current stage of life. Identify your past traumas and negative emotional blocks. Identify generational trauma that may be contributing to your current suffering. And work on clearing all the past traumas with EFT.

In addition, we will create a strong emotional foundation by learning self-compassion and how to set and hold to your boundaries. At the end of this program you will transform not only your motherhood experience, but the rest of your life.

Bonus: all the gains you will make in your programs will not only benefit you but your whole family. Because when you heal the mother, you heal the whole family. You will finally have the inner strength and resources to be the gentle, wise, compassionate, and loving mama you always envisioned yourself to be.

Another bonus: upon the completion of the program you will receive a review package with all the exercises and meditations we have done, so you can continue your healing journey on your own.

And of course, you have unlimited access to me during our time together through e-mail or Facebook messenger.

Cost: $1,111

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these programs designed for?

My passion lies with mamas. So, my programs are designed to benefit mothers, mothers to be, biological mothers, adoptive mothers, women who are in caregiving (motherly) roles, and are struggling to find joy in their motherhood experience and life. My goal is to help mothers and mother figures everywhere heal emotionally, so that they can finally love and accept themselves as the perfectly imperfect humans that they are. And so they can pass their healing on to the next generation.

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT or Tapping is a healing modality that involves stimulating certain acupuncture points on the energy meridians with your fingers (tapping or pressing), in order to allow the body to clear the energy blockages that have accumulated due to past traumas and/or negative emotions.

EFT was founded by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer, back in the 1990s. Although EFT is not a medical treatment for any ailment and does not claim to be so, it has shown great success in treating emotional and physical ailments. The motto of EFT is “try it on everything”. The biggest pro to EFT is that it is painless and can do no harm. Thus, it is a wonderful modality for everyone who wants to try it.

What is Self-Compassion and how can it benefit me?

Self-compassion is the ability to be kind and understanding to yourself when you are confronted with personal failings. It means not criticizing or judging yourself, and instead allowing space to experience the emotion and acknowledge your humanness and need for comfort.

Self-compassion is not toxic positivity, self-esteem, or self-indulgence. Showing compassion to yourself does not mean letting things slide or taking the easy way out.

Everyone can benefit form more self-compassion, but mothers can especially benefit from it. We have all been raised in a critical society, where criticism is used for motivation and it has wounded us. Women, and especially mothers get blamed for things that men never would be blamed for. When a mother fails – it is all of her her own doing. She deserves neither help nor compassion from others. And we absolutely need to change that. When we can be compassionate towards ourselves, we can be compassionate and empathetic towards our children. And that allows us to parent in alignment with our higher selves.

This is too big of a time commitment, can’t I just schedule one session at a time?

I hear you. Between kids’ pick ups and drops off, lunches, work meetings, laundry, and dishes you barely have time to take a shower. And that is why it’s so important for you to invest in yourself in order for healing to take place. The reason you are seeking this healing is because you are lost amongst the chaos of your life, and you are just surviving. In order to transform from survival mode to thriving mode, you have to dedicate time for your healing and growth.

Healing takes time and effort but it is worth it at the end.

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