Online Prenatal and Childbirth Classes

Online Prenatal and Childbirth Classes

Are you an expecting mother looking for Prenatal and Childbirth Classes but unsure where to find them? Back in the pre-Covid days finding prenatal and childbirth classes wasn’t difficult at all. Most hospitals offered a variety of courses that fit your schedule and needs. But with the prolonged quarantine, that option has been taken away. It may be that your hospital is trying to offer something comparable online. But maybe they are not.

So, where do you find reputable classes? And why do you need prenatal and childbirth classes anyways?

I’m here to share with you why taking prenatal and childbirth classes is the best decision for you and family. And I will share a trusted source that is available to you virtually.

Why You Should Take Prenatal and Childbirth Classes

If you’re currently expecting, you may have joined a bunch of Facebook Groups with other expecting mamas. And you are, undoubtedly, listening to everything those mamas are saying. But you may be getting a lot of conflicting information.

Should you take the Bradley Method courses, Lamaze, or hypnobirthing? Is the epidural really as evil as all the naturally minded mamas claim it to be? Should you really refuse a C-Section at all costs? The questions are endless and anxiety producing.

But one of the best ways to reduce the anxiety is to take prenatal and childbirth classes. According to the American Pregnancy Association the benefits of prenatal education include:

  • increased confidence in your body’s ability to give birth;
  • less fear surrounding the birthing process;
  • tools for your partner to support you during the birthing process;
  • a better understanding of All available pain relief options like massage, breathing and relaxation techniques, medication.

And the benefits of prenatal and childbirth classes don’t stop at just benefiting the mother. According to AJOG (American Journal of Obstetrics and Genycology) there was a significantly lower rate of vacuum extractions during birth (8.2% vs. 16.8%) and a lower rate of c-sections due to a failed induction (3.3% vs. 24.5%) in women who took childbirth classes. There were also higher rates of normal vaginal delivery (75.4% vs. 64.1%). Typically the less complicated the delivery, the better the outcomes are for both mom and baby.

So if you want to have less fear and anxiety surrounding birth and you want better health outcomes for you and your baby – Prenatal and Childbirth Classes are a must!

Where to find evidence based Prenatal and Childbirth Classes online?

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Now that you know the benefits of taking Prenatal and Childbirth Classes, where do you find online classes that you can trust? And more importantly, ones that will provide you with unbiased information?

This is why I’d like to introduce you to Rachel Da Silva, RN, BSN, CLC. She is Registered Nurse and a Certified Lactation Counselor, who started a website called in order to provide education and support service to families. She offers various Free and Paid Prenatal and Childbirth classes, as well as virtual consultations for any prenatal or postpartum needs.

Mommy Minutes: Free Prenatal Class

Maternal mental health, postpartum depression, and anxiety, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping, and mom coaching.

It’s a free 5-day course (includes 2 hours of video content) that will go over the fundamentals of pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and newborn care! This class will help make sure you and your baby have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

  • Day 1: Pregnancy – learn about physical changes, baby’s development, pregnancy complications, and typical prenatal visit schedule
  • Day 2: Labor and Delivery – signs and stages of labor, pain relief methods, what to expect post delivery
  • Day 3: Postpartum Care – recovery, postpartum hygiene, when to contact your doctor
  • Day 4: Newborn Care – skin to skin, diaper changes, feeding your baby, SIDS, when to contact your pediatrician
  • Day 5: Post – Test – test your course knowledge

Mommy Minutes: Free Prenatal Class

Mommy Minutes: Premium Prenatal Course

Maternal mental health, postpartum depression, and anxiety, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping, and mom coaching.

Why pay for a course when you can get the Free one? Because this is the most comprehensive prenatal class you will ever take. It is a 14 day that will go over all the fundamentals of pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and newborn care. With this course you will receive 4 hours of video content, 3 Free E-Books and over 40 lessons that will take all the guess work out of pregnancy symptoms, delivery, postpartum and baby care.

  • Day 1: Pregnancy and Your Body – body changes, how to stay comfortable, baby development
  • Day 2: Understanding Prenatal Appointments – appointment schedules, blood and ultrasound tests, cervical checks
  • Day 3: Pregnancy Complications – high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, premature labor
  • Day 4: Prepare for Delivery – mental preparation, what to pack in your hospital bag, signs and stages of labor, tips to help progress your labor
  • Day 5: Admission to Hospital – induction, c-section, typical tests and procedures
  • Day 6: Pain Relief Methods – drug free pain relief, IV pain medications, epidurals and spinals, general anesthesia
  • Day 7: Vaginal and Cesarean Birth – episiotomies and lacerations, vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery
  • Day 8: What to Expect Postpartum – recovery process
  • Day 9: Tips for a Quick Recovery – postpartum hygiene, incision care, when to contact your doctor
  • Day 10: Postpartum Complications – postpartum hemorrhage, infection, postpartum depression
  • Day 11: Common Newborn Tests – routine exam, sepsis screen, jaundice, sugar checks
  • Day 12: Feeding Your Baby – breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding
  • Day 13: Taking Care of Your Baby – bathing, diaper changes, sleeping, circumcisions
  • Day 14: Newborn Complications – respiratory distress, infant CPR, when to contact your pediatrician

Mommy Minutes: Premium Prenatal Course is $49

One thing that moms often forget to learn about is Breastfeeding. Probably because of this notion that breastfeeding is natural. So most prenatal and childbirth classes don’t give you much information about it. Most of these courses are geared towards providing you with as many tools as possible to have an uncomplicated birth.

And that’s why so many parents go home and are at a loss of what to do with their newborn baby. It’s especially true when it comes to feeding. As life would have it, your breastfeeding champion forgets how to latch the moment you come home. And Rachel knows that, so she created the Ultimate Prenatal Package.

Ultimate Prenatal Package

In this package, Rachel combines her Mommy Minutes: Premium Prenatal Class and Milk Minutes: Premium Baby Class. In addition, you will receive 3 E-Books: Keeping Your Baby Safe, Prenatal Crash Course, and A Complete Guide to Breastfeeding and Pumping.

The following days are the contents of her Milk Minutes: Premium Baby Class

  • Day 16: Breastfeeding Basics
  • Day 17: Breastfeeding Positions
  • Day 18: The Secret to the Perfect Latch
  • Day 19: How to Know if your Baby is Eating Enough
  • Day 20: Painful Latch and Milk Supply
  • Day 21: Anatomical Issues and Special Needs
  • Day 22: Engorgement and Oversupply
  • Day 23: Helpful Supplies
  • Day 24: Intro to Pumping
  • Day 25: How to Use a Breast Pump
  • Day 26: Troubleshooting Pump Issues
  • Day 27: How to Bottle-Feed a Baby
  • Day 28: How to Give Both Breast and Bottle (If Needed)
  • Day 29: Milk Preparation and Storage

Ultimate Prenatal Package
is $98

Final Words and A Discount

When considering whether to take Prenatal and Childbirth Classes, just remember that your whole family will benefit from them. Kids don’t come with a manual. And there is nothing worse then fumbling about at 3 am with a screaming newborn that won’t latch. Prepare yourself for the most important journey of your life!

And here’s the promised discount: use the code MILKMINUTES10 to receive 10% off any of the paid courses. And use the code MILKMINUTES for 15% off in Rachel’s MDYK Store. She has adorable baby clothes and beautiful clothes for moms.

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