My Top 10 Toys of Summer

10 Best Summer Toys for Toddlers

10 Best Summer Toys for Toddlers

When you are a kid, summer is fun. It’s magical and amazing and nothing can change your opinion. Unfortunately, summer starts to lose its luster when you are a working adult. Nothing really changes, except that it’s hot outside. But if you are a parent, you can relive some of that magic again. And at times that magic means buying fun toys to keep your little one entertained. Here is my collection of fun summer items for my toddler and baby.

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Indoor Toys

We live in North Carolina and it gets hot in the summer. So a lot of our day is spent indoors. And thus we need to be able to stay entertained inside.

Musical Toys

My sons absolutely love music and this cute little microphone is perfect for putting on a living room concert. And while me eldest sing into it, my youngest loves to make some musical noise of his own.



But once we’re done putting on the raddest concert, we like to have some quiet play. These stickers are the best. They don’t have any adhesive and can be reused multiple time. So we’ve got hours of play and no mess.


Art Supplies

And once we’re done creating different scenes with our reusable stickers, my Paw Patrol obsessed son loves to draw on his Paw Patrol Easel.


Blocks for Building

And just like a lot of toddlers, my son loves to build. And these MegaBloks don’t disappoint. Another plus to them over small Lego pieces is that his younger brother can play with him without any fears of choking.



My eldest enjoys putting puzzles together and his brother loves to help. Sometimes his help undoes what his brother and I put together but as long as everyone feel included, I don’t mind. I also enjoy doing simple baby puzzles with my younger son. They are great for fine motor skills and matching.

Outdoor Toys

Even though summer is HOT, it’s still fun to play outside.

Water Table

And the best way to beat the heat is to have some water play. My son loves his water table. We’ve had it for well over a year and it’s still in great shape and continues to bring loads of water fun. And since his brother is not as likely to eat everything, we added water beads to our water play.

Pool Floats and Backyard Water Fun

My older son loves going to the pool to cool off. And he also adores crocodiles. This crocodile has come in handy many times. Bonus, he is not inflatable, so can be taken to places that don’t allow inflatable toys. But if you can’t make it to the pool, these awesome splash pads are a great way to keep your toddler cool and enjoying themselves.

Swings Sets

And when we’re back in our yard, my son loves swinging in the swing. This bucket seat swing is great for both my toddler and his baby brother, so we have 2.

Play Structure

And speaking of play structures, we have an older version of this one and my sons love it!!!! My eldest calls it his ship because of the spy glass and my youngest exhibits no fear when he goes head first down the slide.


And last but not least, what kind of outdoor fun with kids doesn’t involve Bubbles!!!! Both my children love bubbles. My older son loves blowing bubbles to the squealing delight of his little brother. And sometimes even the dogs join in.


These are the items that make our summer more fun. I hope they’ll add enjoyment to your summer as well.

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