Writing A Gratitude Letter

My Sincere Gratitude Letter to 2020

My Sincere Gratitude Letter to 2020

As I’m sitting here, just a few days away from Thanksgiving and 3 weeks into my personal Gratitude Practice (you can read all about it in Why You Should Start A Gratitude Practice Now), I find myself wanting to write a gratitude letter to 2020. And I’m also finding it hard.

I know I’m not alone in this. 2020 has not been a fun year for anyone. A lot has been taken away from us, and we’re still asked to continue living a life that is foreign to us all. So, on the surface, there doesn’t seem much to be grateful for. But, the whole point of gratitude is to dig deeper. Because even in the darkest of times, there is still something to be thankful for.

And so, I’m sharing my Sincere Gratitude Letter to 2020 with you. I hope it will inspire you to dig deep inside and allow gratitude into your heart.

My Letter of Sincere Gratitude Template

Gratitude Letter to 2020

Dear 2020,

You have not been the easiest year in my life, but to be honest, you haven’t been the toughest either. And while you have thrown some curveballs my way, I am still grateful. Because without those curveballs, I would have never discovered my true self and my true strength.

I am grateful to you, for showing me that even in the face of great uncertainty, my family was strong and did not break. In fact, we have grown so much as people in the past year. I am grateful to know that we are stronger than all the outside forces that surround us.

I am also grateful that we learned to do with less and stayed perfectly happy. That when we stripped away all the outside busyness, we revealed what truly brought us joy.

I am grateful that 2020 allowed me to shed people from my life that did not bring me joy. And I’m grateful for coming across people who do.

I am grateful for discovering that my son is an HSC (Highly Sensitive Child) and I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). This year, I finally understood why parenting feels so much harder to me, than to other people. I also learned to appreciate all the incredibly strong and persistent emotions of my son. And learned to deal with them in a loving, caring, and empathetic way.

And lastly, 2020, I am grateful to the fact that everyone in my family is with me. We are healthy and thriving. We are not playing victim and allowing the circumstance take away from our life. We are fighters. And we will continue to fight and grow.

Thank you, 2020, for all that you have brought and all that you have taught us!



And Now, A Challenge

I hope you don’t judge my letter too harshly. It is, perhaps, not the most eloquently written piece. But it’s sincere and from the heart. And, honestly, I needed to put this on paper to truly feel it. Because, just as for everyone else, this year brought a lot of uncertainty and strife into our lives. But I have made a commitment to find space for gratitude in my life. And that’s what I’m doing.

Now, it’s your turn. Go ahead and write your own gratitude letter. It doesn’t have to be to 2020, it can be to anyone. It can be to you, to your family, to your friends, to your kids, to your pets, to your plants. The possibilities are endless. What’s important is that you sit down and write it. When we are grateful, we are opening ourselves up to positivity and love. Invite them into your life. Your life will improve!

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