Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review

Claro Baby shopping cart cover will make your grocery trip safer if you have to take your baby or young toddler with you. Let’s face it, Covid-19 is likely to stick around for a while, but we all still need to grocery shop. And, unfortunately, we can’t always go without our children in tow. So for the times your cart riding companion needs to go with you, a shopping cart cover is a necessity.

Disclaimer: This is a review post. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and based on my personal experience with the product.

I used to be one of those parents who put her kids into a shopping cart without a second thought. Yes, I wiped down the cart (usually,) but I was never too worried about them sitting in it. Currently, my children have not stepped foot in a store in over 2 months. But to be honest, I can’t keep this up for much longer. So I will for sure be utilizing a shopping cart cover every trip.

I felt very fortunate that Claro Baby sent me their shopping cart covers to test out and review. They quickly became a favorite to use in our son’s high chair to help minimize food messes and will be frequently utilized once we start taking kids to the store with us again.

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About Claro Baby

Before I accepted their product, I decided to check out Claro Baby and to see what type of company they are. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are a small family run business that has been established in 2015. They sell their products through Amazon, so they are easy to find and are Prime eligible.

This is what Claro Baby describes as their mission: “Since the foundation of the company, Claro Baby has been on a singular mission: to offer high quality and safe products for babies and their parents at exceptional value and affordable prices.”

And they deliver. Their product is definitely affordable (only $19.99) and their quality is great.

My Experience with Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover

Pros of Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover

When I received the cover, it came in simple see through plastic packaging that was easy to open. The instructions were easy to follow and were clearly visible in the packaging. My first surprise came when I pulled the cover out – it was put together as a tote. My first thought was, “How cute and convenient”. I tried carrying it around and it didn’t weight anything, which was great. Also, I loved the bright colors of the cover. Perfect to grab and keep a toddler’s attention.

This is how the cover came out of the packaging.

It was super easy to disassemble and turn into the cover. Since we weren’t using it in a shopping cart, we used it in our son’s high chair (which is another great use for this cover). It covered a large area, so it helped contain the mess of my toddler eating. In the front, the cover has a clear pocket that can fit a phone for some entertainment. It can also fit small toys for your toddler to poke at. I put some bracelets and pom-poms to entertain my son while I was prepping his food. He enjoyed playing with them through the clear pocket. The cover also has a strap for a water bottle. It is super helpful in case you have a toddler who is discovering the wonder of throwing things on the floor. The strap will keep the bottle from meeting the ground.

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review

The biggest plus for me in the cover was the length of shoulder straps. They fit my son perfectly. He is a rather large boy (about the size of most 2.5 year olds) and I still had some room in the straps for his shoulders. I’ve run into issues with other covers, where I couldn’t even fit the straps over his shoulders because of his large size or close the waistband around him. So this cover is a must have for a larger baby or toddler. Even my 4 year old son fit into it.

Another great thing about the cover was the part that allows you to pack the cover into a tote doubles as extra storage space. You can put some in case of emergency items in there, like snacks or extra toys.

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review

The cover was easy to put back together into tote form and was easy to wash on a regular setting. We air dried it but you can put it on a gentle setting as well.

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review
This took all of 5 seconds to fold it back into a tote shape without even looking at the instructions.

Cons of the Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover

To be honest, I didn’t see any cons to it. The material was pleasant to the touch and easy to wash. Assembly and disassembly was quick and painless. The large size of the cover allowed for less messes in the high chair and made for a much safer shopping cart experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very pleased with this cover. It came in at a cheaper price than its competitors, was easy to fold back into a tote, had a see through pocket in the front for entertainment and storage space in the back for extras, covered a large area and fit a larger child with ease.

So if you’re needing a cover for your high chair or a shopping cart, Claro Baby shopping cart cover is a great choice. Stay safe out there while shopping and don’t forget to practice good hygiene.

If you would like to purchase a Claro Baby shopping cart cover, just click on the picture below.

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18 thoughts on “Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review”

  1. Oh yes I use a cart cover when my children are younger and potentially putting their mouth on the cart. When they are a little older I no longer use a cover when I know they won’t be licking the cart. Lol. Obviously now that is all a different story with COVID-19.

  2. I used to love cart covers when my kid was a toddler and in the putting her hands in her mouth stage all the time. It was also nice to be a little more cushy and have some entertainment in there. Glad this worked for you!

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