Fall Self-Care Ideas

10 Fall Self-Care Ideas To Bring Warmth Into Your Life

10 Fall Self-Care Ideas To Bring Warmth Into Your Life

Fall – is there anything more magical? The cooling of the air, the smell of wet leaves and grass, the warm hug of the sun, the brilliance of the ever changing nature. It touches your soul. I mean, if you could see me right now, I’m swooning. Fall is my favorite season. And in this season, I realized that I want my self-care routine to change a bit along with this magical time of the year. So, I can’t wait to share with you the best fall self-care ideas that will nourish the soul of every pumpkin spice loving mom.

But first, a little bit of science 

Fall Self-Care Ideas

Have you ever wondered why so many people just love Fall? I know it’s become “basic” to love sweater weather and pumpkin spice, but there is an actual deep meaning behind it all. It turns out that scientists have been doing some research to find out why Fall is such a beloved season. 

Here’s what they found out according to Amy Jane Griffiths, Ph.D, N.C.S.P. in the article from Bustle. People love Fall because of all the positive associations they carry with it. It’s the start of the holiday season, the start of a new school year, and the time to get closer to others and cuddle for some warmth. There is warmth permeating through the air in the Fall. It’s nature’s last dance before the curtain closes and winter comes knocking on our door. 

But it really just comes down to associations we build with the season. For eons, fall has been the time of harvest. So it’s an important and special time in human lives, as they prepare their food for the winter. And all the fun holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, all the high holidays (including the New Year) in the Jewish tradition happen in the Fall. So, most of us grow up with positive feelings and associations with the Fall. And we carry those feelings into adulthood, and then pass it on to our children.

Ok, enough with this ode to Fall. I know you’re here for Fall Self-Care Ideas and here they are.

Top 10 Fall Self-Care Ideas for Moms

  1. Retail Therapy

I’m personally not much of a shopper, but when Fall hits, all that changes. I can’t pull myself away from the dollar bin at Target with all the decorations and Halloween trinkets. I also buy up everything with pumpkin at Trader Joe’s. I’m like a kid in a candy store filling up my cart with everything pumpkin. And I love changing up my wardrobe and buying some new fall pieces that are warm, comfy and soft. So, try some retail therapy as a Fall self-care idea. It’ll be fun.

  1. Pour Yourself a Fall Drink
Fall Self-Care Ideas Fall Drink

It can be alcoholic or not, you decide. But I love adding fall flavored beverages to my rotation once the weather cools. Apple ciders warmed up with some cinnamon or pumpkin spice, mulled wines, herbal teas with cinnamon flavors, fall mimosas – are all on the menu for me. 

Cinnamon signals Fall to me. And it’s wonderful that cinnamon is a spice that has many health benefits like filling your body up with antioxidants, lowering your blood sugar, potentially staving off cancer, and helping regulate insulin.

  1. Fill The House Up With Fall Smells

I love lighting scented candles or using essential oils in my diffuser to make my house smell better. And I absolutely love fall scents.

Here’s a recipe to my favorite essential oil blend: 1 drop clove, 2 drops orange, 4 drops cardamom, and 1 drop cinnamon.

It smells quintessentially like fall to me, and I enjoy having my house smell this way throughout the season.

  1. Use seasonal ingredients in recipes

I’m a big fan of seasonal eating. It’s a much healthier way to eat because it mimics a more biologically appropriate diet for us humans. Pre-agriculture, we didn’t have all the fruits and veggies available to us year round. So the best I can, I try to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables in my cooking. This means that I’m cooking more with all sorts of squashes, apples, pears, beets, radishes, and various lettuces. It doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your menu, but adding just a few seasonal staples will be good for both body and soul.

  1. Take a hike

Fall is the best time to be outdoors. The weather has cooled significantly to be able to enjoy yourself, but it’s still not cold enough to find outdoor time unpleasant. Plus, if you’re living in a place that has beautiful fall foliage, hiking is the best way to get your fill of fresh air, and to bathe in the natural beauty around you. If you surround yourself with beautiful and serene nature, you will greatly improve your mood and well-being. And that is really the reason why we do self-care, so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

  1. Go to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch

Even though this is a family activity, it’s also a self-care activity for moms. Why? Because it’s fun. You’re outdoors, you’re doing an activity you don’t get to do any other time of the year, kids are having fun and are out of your hair, and there may even be a nice boozy drink or apple cider doughnut in it for you. Plus connecting over fun memories is the best way to build a family bond and inject positivity into your life. And we’ll need all these warm memories to make it through the winter.

  1. A movie sesh under a warm blanket
Fall Self-Care Ideas Cuddling Under Blanket

This is a very versatile self-care activity, it can be done alone, with your partner, or the whole family. Depending on which part of your life needs this self-care, you can decide whether you’re sharing the blanket or not. But since fall is all about warmth and cuddling, it’s a great activity to do together. While it’s nice to have family movie nights, it’s also important to have them with your partner. Face it, during this quarantine, you’ve probably given up date nights out, and so this would make for a great date-night in. And who knows what it may lead to later.

  1. Enjoy a night by the fire

If you are able to have a bonfire in your yard, Fall is the best season for it. It’s not so cold that you’ll be shivering the whole time, but is cold enough to desire the warmth of the fire. You can bring out marshmallows to roast, hot chocolate or mulled wine to sip, and sit and gaze at the stars. You can even wrap up in a blanket for extra warmth. Breathe in the smoke and the crisp of Fall air. Savor it. Come back to this memory when you need an emotional pick-me-up.

  1. Take a warm luxurious bath

What can be more comforting than a bath. You can make it as hot as you like, light a candle, make it a bubble bath, grab a book or a tablet for entertainment, and dive in. I also love some soothing classical music in the background, if I’m reading. Or a sappy movie, if I’m watching something. Do it after the kids go to bed, so no one is disturbing your peaceful me-time. Make it an affair – exfoliate, shave, slather on some great moisturizer. Do whatever you want to make this feel as warm and luxurious as possible. 

  1. Start a Mindfulness Practice

Over the summer, I have really started to embrace a mindfulness practice. Now, my mindfulness practice does not involve much meditating, although I definitely want to start incorporating it, but it does involve savoring every positive experience, and tapping into my body’s sensations to clue me in to my emotional state. This level of mindfulness has allowed me to experience true joy even in the smallest moments, and also allowed me to cruise through the negative moments that pop up daily.

So, go ahead and start a mindfulness practice. It can involve meditation, yoga, journaling, bullet journaling, drawing, crystal work – whatever you feel drawn to. There is no right or wrong way to do mindfulness. You do whatever allows you to reach your state of zen. And I can’t think of a more zen time of the year than Fall.

Make Self-Care A Priority This Fall

So there you have it, my favorite 10 Fall Self-Care ideas to welcome in the seasonal change and to nourish my body and mind. I hope that you love Fall as much as I do, and will truly embrace self-care in this wonderful season. There is no wrong time to start or change your self-care routine, so make this a priority during the Fall. And if you’re looking for more self-care ideas, check out 30 Nourishing Self-Care Ideas for Exhausted Moms and 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care for Introverted Parents.

Happy Fall Y’All!!!!

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