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Becoming a mother has been a very difficult process for me. From an undiagnosed prenatal-depression, which turned into a severe post-partum depression, to transitioning into a stay-at-home mom and losing all my purpose and focus, it’s been a rough ride. But motherhood has also deepened my understanding of myself and how the way I was parented has shaped me and my parenting beliefs. I’ve uncovered a lot of unresolved trauma through becoming a mother and fully immersing myself in this role.

I’ve also discovered that I am a Highly Sensitive Person. If it wasn’t for me trying to figure out why my older son acts differently than all the other kids (he’s a Highly Sensitive Child), I would have never figured this out about myself. So while motherhood has brought on a lot of hardships, it has also sent me on the deepest journey to discovering myself and my purpose. And that’s why I created Parent on Board.

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