Certified Transformational Coach for Moms

Show Up For Yourself

The Way You Wish

Your Parents Showed Up For You!

Surviving motherhood is NOT the same as Thriving in motherhood!!!!

Do You Feel Crushed By The Weight of Motherhood?

I’m Here To Help Lighten Your Load


No Energy To Get Through The Day

Are you tired and sluggish every day? Don’t feel like you have any energy or desire for anything except to crawl back into bed? Find any type of interaction draining, not energizing? Falling asleep at your desk or playing with your kids?


Never Good Enough

Do you spend your day cleaning and tending to everyone’s needs, yet always feel like you’re failing? Do you feel that other moms have got it figured out, while you’re barely hanging on? Not seeing any results of your efforts either at home or at work?


Lost Yourself

Ever wake up, look in the mirror and wonder who is this woman with bags under her eyes and greasy hair? What does she enjoy? Does she even have any interests? What lights her up? What are her passions? Is Mommy all there is to her? Is she lost forever?


Angry and Irritable

Do your kids, pets, and partner have a secret hiding spot when the “momster” comes out? Do you find yourself yelling at everyone more than enjoying their company? Does everything your family does irritate you and rub you the wrong way? Do you want to just scream?

You Think That You May Be Beyond Help Because You’ve Tried All The Conventional Methods and Nothing Has Worked

But That’s Because The Conventional Methods Don’t Address The Root of Your Problem

Trauma and Negative Experiences That Are Trapped In Your Autonomic Nervous System

And That Keeps You From Healing

But you don’t have to continue to struggle. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an evidence based healing modality aimed at addressing trauma and negative emotional experiences directly at the source – your Autonomic Nervous System. And once we balance your Autonomic Nervous System and restore its proper functioning, you no longer have to suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic illness.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to live and mother without the constant companionship of brain fog, low energy, listlessness, inability to tend to daily tasks, panic attacks, heart palpitations, intrusive thoughts and constant fear?

Ask yourself, what would my life look like without chronic physical and mental health issues? What would it look like if I didn’t lack energy? How would it feel to not question my own mothering every second or every day, and feel like I’m failing at it? What would I do different if I was no longer defined by my illnesses and shortcomings? And most importantly, what would it feel like to have a balanced ANS that neither under or over reacts to situations?

It might feel out of reach right now, but I promise you that it doesn’t have to be. I used to be just like you and had these very struggles. But through a lot of work on myself with the help of EFT and self-compassion, and I now know what my life looks like without the limitations of chronic health issues. And I want you to know the feeling too.

About Me

Parent on Board Coaching

Hi, I’m Maria.

I am a Certified Transformational Coach who helps moms heal from postpartum depression and anxiety without the use of medication. With my unique coaching approach that blends EFT (Tapping), Self-Compassion work, and my deep knowledge of maternal mental health, I help moms heal their own childhood traumas, break free from dysfunctional familial patterns, and eliminate shame and guilt, so they can thrive in motherhood and create new healthy family norms for themselves and their children.

I live on the Chicago Northshore with my husband and 2 boys. I am passionate about helping mothers find joy and fulfillment in motherhood, while healing generational traumas and breaking generational cycles. And I do this work because becoming a mother has been a very difficult process for me. From an undiagnosed prenatal-depression, which turned into a severe post-partum depression, to transitioning into a stay-at-home mom and losing all my purpose and focus, it’s been a rough ride. But motherhood has also deepened my understanding of myself, and how the way I was parented has shaped me and my parenting beliefs. I’ve uncovered a lot of unresolved trauma through becoming a mother and set off on a journey to find true healing.

I have found healing through immersing myself in the study and practice of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and self-compassion work. And I am ready to pass on my knowledge and experience to you.

Sometime the darkest moments in our lives are the moments that allow us to see the path to deep healing.

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How I can help you thrive as a mother


FREE 30 Minute Connection Call

A great way to get to know me, my coaching process, learn about EFT and find out how EFT can help you. It is a wonderful time to have your questions answered and to voice any concerns you may have.

It is also a wonderful time to figure out whether we would make a good fit when it comes to working together. Because while the healing method is very important, nothing is more important than the realtionship.


1 Month EFT Coaching Only Package (4 Sessions)

True healing doesn’t happen in 1 session. This mini-package is perfect for any mom that is ready to start healing, but is not able to commit long term. We will work together using EFT techniques to help you uncover why you are feeling stuck, anxious, and depressed and to help you release all these negative emotions that are keeping you there.


Motherhood Metamorphosis 1:1 Coaching Program (12 Sessions)

This signature program is for a mom who is ready to transform her motherhood and life by immersing herself in deep healing and inner work. In these 3 months together, we will explore your past, get clear on the future, and create a plan of action in the present. We will utilize both EFT and self-compassion to get to the root of your struggles and learn how to create a life and motherhood filled with joy.

Amazing Value for You and Your Children!!!!

Only $97 for tools, activities, and practices to raise calm, happy, resilient children!!!

The Kid Spiral Collection

Digital Products for Moms

Postpartum Guide E-Book
Price: $12.00

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